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$BuTip can be summarized as "Web2 massive traffic + Web3 token airdrop", meaning using the X relational network (formerly Twitter) as the traffic entrance and using the token airdrop future forecast in the Web3 world to attract early users.


Go to the official website:, click on the upper right corner to log in and choose to connect to your Twitter account.


According to the prompt of the official website to activate the account, you need to send a verification tweet with $BuTip $BuCoin @BabbuCity and the official RT Tweet of @BabbuCity, then click "Check Status - CHECK STATUS " to complete account activation:

BuTip's scoring system and optimizations: Babbu will calculate points for all Twitter activities of the User, with the tag "$BuTip $BuCoin @BabbuCity" to automatically calculate points. How it works is divided into 4 types, with different multipliers:

After successful activation, the account was given 10,000 Butips (Because you have to share the article above to activate)

In addition to receiving 10,000 points for tweeting with $BuTip $BuCoin @BabbuCity for the first time, Babbu's "daily quest" can be rewarded in the following three ways:


Repeat the above β€œDaily tasks” every week ($BuTip Stage is calculated in weeks).


Redeem rewards - Check: Record point data in real time. Claim $Butip Token after checking fraud after the end of Stage 3 days.

Scoring Points for $butip

  1. Original Tweets which mention

  2. Replies which mention

    $butip $bucoin

  3. For Original Tweets β–ͺ️ 5 per day limit

    β–ͺ️ 25x Multiplier

    β–ͺ️ Minimum Points Threshold

  4. For Replies

    β–ͺ️ 50 per day limit

    β–ͺ️ 1x Multiplier

    β–ͺ️ Max of 25k Points


Limit per account:

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