Babbu NFT Passport

Your universal identity for adventures in the new Web3 World Babbu City.

Privileges of Babbu Passport NFT holders include:

  1. To get KYC early.

  2. The ticket opens the world of events and lucky tickets every day.

  3. Participate in the Tesla Airdrop, iPhone and Luck draw event.

  4. Early access to social verification.

  5. Each Passport NFT comes with a unique lottery ticket with the same ID.

  6. Revenue to the community: Revenue generated from NFT minting goes back to the community (events like raffles, airdrops, giveaways, etc.)

  7. Multiple lucky winners: Multiple people will have a chance to win and split the total prize equally.

  8. Instant redemption: Once the winner is announced, they can quickly claim their prize without delay.

Lottery tickets change your life.

There are small things that change your life, dreams and future.

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