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BabbuCity: New Social Finance Network to Web3

The Power of Social Interaction!


BabbuCity: New Social Finance Network to Web3

Our platform is Affiliate Marketing, connecting businesses that need to promote products/services (Advertiser) and a network of partners and online users to promote products/services globally and receive recognition. representative (called the Publisher). , Helps sustainable revenue growth for participating parties on a win-win basis.

Babbu.io is a world of powerful marketing platform that allows you to run marketing campaigns to increase engagement and promote your business to users. It uses Provable Fair Algorithm technology to ensure that the results of each marketing are transparent and fair. Using blockchain technology, Babbu.io provides cutting-edge solutions that ensure reliable results for brands and projects looking for marketing success. We provide an engaging and functional space where people can explore and find campaigns they want to participate in. We have new events every day!

Users will receive $Butip, and convert it to Gift Cards, Trips, Lottery, Token, NFTs, and Beyond!

Token Utility

$BUCOIN Coin Overview


we have opened a new community for people to submit code.

๐Ÿ˜ Please join it now because in the near future we will close the code in the global chat group.

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